The Boxcar Children: The Home Run Mystery

The Boxcar Children: The Home Run Mystery


The Boxcar Children Special Book 14


Written by Gertrude Chandler Warner


While visiting Pikesville, New York, the Boxcar Children join the exciting last games of the season in a strange old ballpark behind an abandoned factory. The Pikesville Half Moons are playing the Eagles, but the Eagles seem to be hitting far too many home runs. Could they be cheating? Then Violet sees strange lights in the old factory at night. Could the lights―and the losing streak―have anything to do with the sad Pikesville legend of Home Run Herman? The Boxcar Children find out there's more to be lost in Pikesville than a baseball game.



  • Condition

    Very Good: Possible minor wear and tear on cover, pages, and/or spine; may include name, stamp, or label on inside cover (no writing within text itself)

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