Samantha Loses Her Sweet Tooth

Samantha Loses Her Sweet Tooth


Written by Charlie Callahan

Illustrated by Brien Spanier


Samantha has what adults call "a sweet tooth," but when it becomes loose, she has nightmares about losing her love for sweets and fears that she will start to love *gasp* vegetables! In preparation for her to lose her sweet tooth she practices eating vegetables and ironically, ends up liking them AND sweets at the end! Very colorful pictures that add energy and zest to the book, while the words "show" how Samantha is afraid of losing her tooth, instead of "tell." The dialogue, both internal and external, adds a lot to the story line.



  • Condition

    Very Good: Possible minor wear and tear on cover, pages, and/or spine; may include name, stamp, or label on inside cover (no writing within text itself)

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