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Level 1

Written by Jennifer Bové 


Explore the lives of llamas with Ranger Rick in this beginning reader with full-color photos of llamas in action! 


What if you wished you were a llama and then you became one? Could you talk like a llama, with gurgles and squeals? Could you roll in the dust like a llama, to keep bugs away? And would you want to? Find out about llamas and their wild cousins, guanacos (pronounced wah-nah-ko), as well as alpacas and vicuñas!

Ranger Rick explorers will love this Level One I Can Read that helps beginning readers dig a little deeper into the lives of llamas. Ranger Rick: I Wish I Was a Llama is complete with vivid photographs, fascinating facts, a Wild Words glossary, and a hands-on activity about how to tell the difference between different camelids.



Ranger Rick: I Wish I Was a Llama

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