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Written by Jennifer Johnson


Battle for the Zephyr Badge (Book 13)

Trouble seems to be following Ash and his team around! A Quagsire takes the GS Ball. A young boy at a Pokémon Trainer school tries to catch Pikachu. And Team Rocket is up to their usual troublesome tricks. How will Ash ever get it together to go for his first Johto League badge?


All Fired Up (Book 14)

Ash wants to be a great Pokémon Trainer. But sometimes Trainers have to make big sacrifices. Charizard can only get stronger if it leaves Ash -- forever. But that means Ash has no Fire-type Pokémon at all. Have his dreams of becoming a Pokémon Master gone up in flames?



Pokémon: Battle for the Zephyr Badge/All Fired Up

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