Lucha Libre: The Man in the Silver Mask

Lucha Libre: The Man in the Silver Mask


Written by Xavier Garza


An action-packed bilingual picture book about traditional Mexican wrestling―lucha libre.

Un divertido cuento bilingüe sobre la gran tradición Mexicana, la lucha libre.

Carlitos’ trip to visit his uncle in Mexico City gets even more exciting when he gets to go to his first lucha libre match with his dad. For some mysterious reason, Carlitos’ uncle doesn’t join them at the match. But the event is fun from the beginning, and Carlitos even gets to pick a luchador mask before they sit right on the ringside. Up close to all the drama of the wrestling, Carlitos sees the Man in the Silver Mask, one of the most famous wrestling heroes. Even though he’s never seen him before, the luchador’s eyes look terribly familiar. The masked wrestler even smiles at Carlitos! He is mesmerized as the Man in the Silver Mask is pitted against the terrible forces of evil―los rudos, the bad guys of lucha libre. The audience is full of energy and they boo and hiss the villains! In the end, though, the Man in the Silver Mask triumphs and gains a lifelong fan.

With dynamic, colorful artwork and a fun story, this is a perfect book for reluctant readers. Side-by-side English and Spanish text also makes it a great fit for elementary school ELL students, or Spanish learners.



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