Written by Adam Relf


A lonely little fox masters the fine art of making friends--in a way he never imagined. The wonderfully original story, and its spectacular illustrations, will touch young children just beginning to understand the meaning of friendship themselves. In his first picture book, Adam Relf shows his truly remarkable talent.
Poor little Fox! He's all alone in his room, with no friends at all. So when Mama suggests that he make some, Fox sets out to do that...literally. "What can I make a friend out of?" he wonders. Soon, he's gathered all the materials he things he needs--sticks, stones, fruit, and more--and built his first friend. "Are you my friend?" Fox asks. "Can you come and play?" But it doesn't reply and it doesn't move. What could be wrong? Only when a variety of curious animals come round to help that Fox discovers what pals are all about.
Adam Relf's moving tale of his friendship, and his imaginative artwork--featuring some of the most adorable animals ever--make this picture book a very special treat for children.



Fox Makes Friends

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