Written by Georgeanne Irvine


This is the inspirational true story of Floyd the flamingo, who needed help from his human caretakers and who in turn helped his human friends learn about never giving up. Readers will be inspired by the perseverance of Floyd and those who helped him along the way.
Hatched at the San Diego Zoo, Floyd was destined to have a special life right from the start he would grow up to be an animal ambassador, teaching visitors all about flamingos. But early in his life, Floyd's caretakers noticed something was wrong. Floyd couldn't stand up straight. His legs were crooked it looked like he had two left feet! To survive, Floyd needed to have two strong, sturdy legs. Without them, he would not be able to wade in the water, bend down to eat, or stand on one leg all the things a fabulous flamingo needs to do!
This book is one of three in the Hope & Inspiration Series, which includes Karen's Heart and Ruuxa & Raina. Get all three books to be truly inspired!



Fabulous Floyd: The True Story of a Flamingo Who Never Gave Up

  • Very Good: Possible minor wear and tear on cover, pages, and/or spine; may include name, stamp, or label on inside cover (no writing within text itself)