Demi's Opposites

Demi's Opposites


Written by Demi


In this unusual game book, Demi returns with her exotic menagerie to demonstrate the concept of opposites. Night and day, big and little, plain and fancy, near and far, right side up and upside down - these and many other pairs of opposites are presented here in humorous verse and dazzling color paintings. 

Birds, bugs, fish, fowls, pandas, ponies, and even dinosaurs are among the creatures cleverly used to illustrate opposites in big, bold double-page spreads. Demi's unique observations and sense of humor also make the learning fun as she challenges children to make a game of looking for tiny hidden opposites within the larger ones. Children will be instantly captivated as they search through Demi's pictures, and with each discovery, the concept will be reinforced. 



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