Written by Ruth Martin


Did you know the peregrine falcon is the world’s fastest flier, reaching speeds over 270 miles per hour? Or that a shark goes through thousands of teeth in its lifetime? This incredible new title in the Kaleidopops series takes kids from the plains of Africa to the Arctic ice and snow in search of some of the world’s wildest animals. Magnificent pop-ups are enhanced by lenticular images that show running cheetahs, flying kestrels, and scurrying black widow spiders. Readers will learn all about each animal, including their habitats, hunting behaviors, and special abilities. Kids will delight in all the eye-widening details of these wild animals from the safety of their own homes.



A Kaleidopops Book: Wild Animals

  • Very Good: Possible minor wear and tear on cover, pages, and/or spine; may include name, stamp, or label on inside cover (no writing within text itself)